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Cards Against Urbanity

We’ve written and spoken extensively about the enormous knowledge gap in land development (LD). The stars have aligned in today’s world where the few people who dedicate the time to really learn how LD happens usually end up working in the field. There are some notable exceptions, but for the most part, public comment at […]

Categories: Design Vignettes
Image courtesy Robert Schilare Photography

  Land Development is a field where the technical world intersects the human condition. At this intersection lies a dynamic situation. It is here that the public good balances with profit, where rules are both a friend and a foe, neighbors’ battle over minutia. At this place where solid ground cannot be trusted, we can […]

Categories: Design Vignettes
Snow Storage: It's a thorny issue (photo courtesy of Robert Schilare Photography)

Snow, snow storage, ice, and frost are things that we rarely discuss in engineering circles. You will see these words in an Earthwork specification: “Do not work frozen material, snow, or ice.” Frozen material is ever shifting and dynamic. Our photo for this month shows what happened to snow after some freeze-thaw cycles. Turned into […]

Categories: Design Vignettes
Photo courtesy of Robert Schilare Photography

  Seasons greetings from JFS Engineering, PC. I’d like to thank our friends, clients, and allied professionals for another year of growth. We have seen a dramatic increase in our workload both personally and across the industry and look forward to this trend continuing. We wish we could tell you what 2014 will bring, but […]

More than "just a driveway"

We are frequently asked about what exactly we do. For most engineers, the answer comes quickly; “I design this widget” or “I deal with the customer so the software people don’t have to”. The answer gets more convoluted when we get into civil engineering. Typically we’ll see a description centered around “Professional Design Services”. Stopping […]

Early morning at Park(ing) Day Metuchen

For Parking Day 2013, JFS Engineering, PC provided partial sponsorship for Metuchen’s Second annual Park(ing) Day installation on Main Street. Working with Bike-Walk Metuchen, we provided funding for some of the items in the installation. This installation was developed organically mostly with found and borrowed furnishings. The resulting installation resembled a backyard gathering common to […]

Unplug & Flow Competition Board

In January 2013, we finished a design competition with an amazing group of professionals from Philadelphia and Berlin. The design competition was a part of Infill Philadelphia’s SoakItUp Competition for 2013. Our submission was a finalist in the “Neighborhood: Greening the Grid” category. The Concept Our design concept was called Unplug and Flow. It is […]

Infill Philadelphia: SoakItUp! Exhibition 2012

UPDATE: Our presentation board from the event is now available for download (3 MB). A design book from the exhibition is also available online. We are proud to announce the selection of two projects for the Infill Philadelphia: Soak It Up! Exhibition. Co-sponsored by the Community Design Collaborative, Philadelphia Water Department, and the US Environmental Protection […]

Brooklyn Bridge cables

In December 2012 I was asked to appear in a short video project about the history and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is often seen as a beautiful landmark and an integral part of New York life. It is also an example of infrastructure as art. The video, produced and shot by, Sigurd […]