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Black River Reservoir

Seasons Greetings from JFS Engineering, PC. We’d like to thank our friends, clients, and allied professionals for making 2012 a great year. We owe you a debt of gratitude for helping to build our practice. This year we’ve touched some interesting projects including; community gardens, non-profit, high-end residential, international design, and institutional sites. We’re proud to have […]

Street Tree

This is part 2 in an ongoing series of articles about Street Trees. In  Part 1 (http://jfs-eng.com/rethinking-street-trees/), we discussed the notion of the tree pit and ways to integrate that structure into the fabric of street life. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, let’s discuss Street Trees as a structural unit and why the root […]

Hurricane advice for Homeowners

As we baton down the hatches for what is billed as a Frankenstorm (October 2012), we here at JFS Engineering have been considering hurricane advice for homeowners. A core service we provide is design of stormwater management infrastructure, and the principles we use for large developments apply to single family homes. Over the years, we’ve fielded questions […]

Historic Catch Basin, Montecello

When looking at site design from a historical perspective, it is important to note both the context and time period for the proposed work.  Having been raised in an area proud of it’s colonial heritage, I am still amazed that a meticulously preserved building can be spoiled with modern site design details, like a parking […]

A Townhome Concept Plan

The Site Development Concept is a basic plan for your project for prospective investors and stakeholders and can include these elements: Includes basic infrastructure, permitting, engineering, and cost constraints analysis; No-Build Use change, redevelopment, and maximum build-out options; and Can include options for regenerative land development. We’ve all been there, having several acres of prime real […]

Competition Board

With a project team of architects, landscape designers, and infrastructure planners, Joe Schaffer participated in the recent Gowanus Lowline competition in New York. The Gowanus Canal, in Brooklyn New York, is an artificial waterway following the path of a former natural stream. The development of NYC’s sewer system in the late 19th century resulted in the […]

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Complete Streets

Back when I was young, one of the aldermen in my hometown came up with a practical solution to a nagging problem. Our town was a rambling collection of several colonial vintage villages connected by newer suburban infill development, and every year the cost of running school buses in the town increased. It so happened […]

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It's not wasted space, it's an opportunity to place street furniture on a solid platform.

I think it’s time to re-think our relationship with street trees.  Although large cities (like NYC) and small towns across America are gaining a renewed interest in street trees, the typical street tree is crammed into a “tree pit” that is barely 3 foot square.  A healthy tree needs to breathe free within what is […]