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This is a pecha kucha talk given at the NYC Future Metropolis event on May 8, 2011 in New York City. Rain is a renewable resource. Joe Schaffer will discuss rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling in New York City. Water conservation requires a balance of localized infrastructure, financial, and life cycle considerations. Sanitation and water […]

55-69 Bank Street Rendering by LiMN Architects

The Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI) is a business incubator focused on the burgeoning field of green and clean technologies.  As a part of the organization’s growth and evolution, it is currently expanding into a new space in Morristown New Jersey. Mr. Schaffer has been retained to provide due diligence, site design, cost analysis, and construction plans […]

A farm raised fish and friend Ben Walmer

JFS Engineering has been engaged with a developer of aquaponics systems for due diligence and site search consulting.  The proprietary system will be used to grow a hardy fish species using the best available technologies to minimize energy and organics to the system. Wastewater will be treated through ancillary hydroponics and other closed-loop systems.  The re-circulation system […]

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The Client for this project intended to hold an annual three-day music festival for upwards of 75,000 people in a relatively remote area proximate to a major city, and retained consultants for both permitting and site infrastructure engineering.  While with a previous firm, Mr. Schaffer assisted in preliminary feasibility studies for the potable water supply, […]

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In conjunction with the efforts of PlaNYC, the New York City Department of Design and Construction DDC) retained consultants to update DDC guidance to incorporate the latest techniques in sustainable building design and construction for City buildings.  While with a previous firm, Mr. Schaffer assisted in the development of the water conservation manual, covering green […]

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Eco-Brooklyn is a residential home builder that specializes in the renovation of brownstone buildings in Brooklyn, New York.  Eco-Brooklyn is a forward-acting company dedicated to building sustainably.  Mr. Schaffer has been retained to provide site and water management design services for multiple sites in New York.  Among other efforts to push the envelope, Mr. Schaffer […]