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Early morning at Park(ing) Day Metuchen

For Parking Day 2013, JFS Engineering, PC provided partial sponsorship for Metuchen’s Second annual Park(ing) Day installation on Main Street. Working with Bike-Walk Metuchen, we provided funding for some of the items in the installation. This installation was developed organically mostly with found and borrowed furnishings. The resulting installation resembled a backyard gathering common to […]

Brooklyn Bridge cables

In December 2012 I was asked to appear in a short video project about the history and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is often seen as a beautiful landmark and an integral part of New York life. It is also an example of infrastructure as art. The video, produced and shot by, Sigurd […]

Street Tree

This is part 2 in an ongoing series of articles about Street Trees. In  Part 1 (http://jfs-eng.com/rethinking-street-trees/), we discussed the notion of the tree pit and ways to integrate that structure into the fabric of street life. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, let’s discuss Street Trees as a structural unit and why the root […]

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Complete Streets

Back when I was young, one of the aldermen in my hometown came up with a practical solution to a nagging problem. Our town was a rambling collection of several colonial vintage villages connected by newer suburban infill development, and every year the cost of running school buses in the town increased. It so happened […]

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The Green Company was developing the Pinehills Community, a 1,600 acre planned community with mixed residential and golf courses in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  With a previous firm, Mr. Schaffer completed design plans for residential sub-divisions within this unique development.  Special consideration was given to the client’s unique design process, where home sites were located in the […]

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It's not wasted space, it's an opportunity to place street furniture on a solid platform.

I think it’s time to re-think our relationship with street trees.  Although large cities (like NYC) and small towns across America are gaining a renewed interest in street trees, the typical street tree is crammed into a “tree pit” that is barely 3 foot square.  A healthy tree needs to breathe free within what is […]