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A farm raised fish and friend Ben Walmer

JFS Engineering has been engaged with a developer of aquaponics systems for due diligence and site search consulting.  The proprietary system will be used to grow a hardy fish species using the best available technologies to minimize energy and organics to the system. Wastewater will be treated through ancillary hydroponics and other closed-loop systems.  The re-circulation system […]

Blythedale Children's Hospital Entrance

Mr. Schaffer’s previous firm was selected to provide site design and environmental consulting for the expansion of the Blythedale Children’s Hospital in the Town of Mount Pleasant. The project will include approximately 47,000 SF of new construction on two levels and approximately 24,000 SF of renovation to the existing hospital.  Engineers are currently working with […]

From http://www.csebcc.org/

Having been in operation for a few years, the Bronx Community College (BCC) Center for Sustainable Energy, in cooperation with the City University of New York (CUNY) had grown into the need for dedicated office and classroom space.  As a part of a de facto design-build team, JFS Engineering will provide site design expertise in […]

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Complete Streets

Back when I was young, one of the aldermen in my hometown came up with a practical solution to a nagging problem. Our town was a rambling collection of several colonial vintage villages connected by newer suburban infill development, and every year the cost of running school buses in the town increased. It so happened […]

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Toll brothers Gowanus

Toll Brothers wanted to build a residential development on the west side of the Gowanus Canal between Carroll and Second Streets in an area of Brooklyn  prone to combined sewer overflow (CSO) events. While with a previous firm, Mr. Schaffer prepared a NYCDEP Drainage Proposal and calculations for the proposed residential development. The proposed stormwater management […]

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Habitat for Humanity is a non-denominational charitable organization dedicated to providing decent, affordable housing to people worldwide.  While volunteering with the Boston, Massachusetts chapter, Mr. Schaffer performed pro-bono design and permitting services for a townhouse complex in Dorchester, Massachusetts.  The project required permitting from the Boston Sewer and Water Commission, as well as minimization of […]

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The Client for this project intended to hold an annual three-day music festival for upwards of 75,000 people in a relatively remote area proximate to a major city, and retained consultants for both permitting and site infrastructure engineering.  While with a previous firm, Mr. Schaffer assisted in preliminary feasibility studies for the potable water supply, […]

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Garden Homes and Garden Commercial Properties is a major developer in New Jersey.  With a previous firm, Mr. Schaffer completed design and construction plans for multiple multi-unit residential and shopping center sites in New Jersey.  Special design considerations included brownfield issues, designing to stringent layout requirements, maximization of saleable space, existing infrastructure evaluations, and net […]

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Kohl’s is a national clothing and housewares retailer expanding into the Northeastern United States.  As a part of this expansion, Mr. Schaffer completed design plans and permitting for Kohl’s stores in New Jersey while with a previous firm.  Kohl’s sites included both new construction as well as “move ins” to existing centers with sufficient existing […]