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Somers Constructed Wetland

The Preserve at Somers is a residential subdivision in New York.    The development’s twenty-eight constructed stormwater wetlands required both post-construction corrective work and regular inspections and maintenance. The Homeowner’s Association (HOA) needed an engineering study to evaluate this system. The study identified possible construction deficiencies and provided inspection and maintenance procedures. The study also included […]

NYC from the Meadowlands

Cherokee NE acquired the development rights to large, contiguous group of parcels in Northern New Jersey.  This complex project required scores of federal, state, county, and local permits and approvals.  While with a previous firm, Mr. Schaffer performed preliminary design and coordination for infrastructure issues including:  railway and roadway realignment, stream crossing and relocation, phased […]

A Townhome Concept Plan

The Site Development Concept is a basic plan for your project for prospective investors and stakeholders and can include these elements: Includes basic infrastructure, permitting, engineering, and cost constraints analysis; No-Build Use change, redevelopment, and maximum build-out options; and Can include options for regenerative land development. We’ve all been there, having several acres of prime real […]

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Complete Streets

Back when I was young, one of the aldermen in my hometown came up with a practical solution to a nagging problem. Our town was a rambling collection of several colonial vintage villages connected by newer suburban infill development, and every year the cost of running school buses in the town increased. It so happened […]

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The Green Company was developing the Pinehills Community, a 1,600 acre planned community with mixed residential and golf courses in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  With a previous firm, Mr. Schaffer completed design plans for residential sub-divisions within this unique development.  Special consideration was given to the client’s unique design process, where home sites were located in the […]