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Land Development and Water Resources Engineering
The Accidental Developer

What is an Accidental Developer? Coming in many shapes and forms, we’ve assisted accidental developers from all walks of life and segments of the economy. The accidental developer includes:

  • Homeowners;
  • Small businesses establishing a new location or upgrading an existing building;
  • Builders responsible for permitting their activities;
  • Industrial concerns great and small; and
  • Institutions with or wanting a physical campus.

The accidental developer typically excels at their own business and management. Although Land Development is a business, it’s a unique and specialized animal. As we care and feed our Accidental Developers, we perform several functions.

  • We take the time to educate the accidental developer in the land development approvals process.
  • We answer and return phone calls in the evening.
  • We watch for and advise regarding regulated activities.
  • We provide engineering solutions.
  • We refer Allied Professionals to fill out the Design and Construction team.
  • We represent the Client through the bidding and construction process.