JFS Engineering
Land Development and Water Resources Engineering

A sampling of comments from our friends and clients:

“Joe’s knowledge of environmental engineering has proven invaluable to Eco Brooklyn. We work with cutting edge techniques that most people in the industry are not yet familiar with; things like composting toilets, gray water, water retention and rainwater capture. Joe, however, is an expert in this area. We can count on him to represent us in the DOB and DEP. His professionalism is flawless and his jovial character makes for a very enjoyable working experience. If you need somebody who is ahead of the curve in environmental engineering issues, who can solve difficult problems and who is easy to work with then Joe is an excellent choice.” 

– G. Brooks-Church, Eco-Brooklyn

“Joe’s attention to detail and initiative to develop non-traditional solutions make him a valuable player on the team. He applies his engineering expertise in order to deliver creative, yet sensible sustainability solutions. Give him five minutes of your time and you will be a believer too.”

– M. Hart, Business Partner

“Joe and I worked in different offices but collaborated on project assignments on many occasions. I would often reach out to him on both technical and business development issues. He was and is always knowedgable, energetic, and affable. He can draw on his engineering expertise and is willing and able to think outside the box.” 

– G. Willett, Colleague