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Cherokee NE, North Arlington, NJ
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Cherokee NE acquired the development rights to large, contiguous group of parcels in Northern New Jersey.  This complex project required scores of federal, state, county, and local permits and approvals.  While with a previous firm, Mr. Schaffer performed preliminary design and coordination for infrastructure issues including:  railway and roadway realignment, stream crossing and relocation, phased fill operations, right-of-way work, and utility relocations.  In addition, he developed a stormwater management and grading evaluation for the 100-acre planned mixed-use development with Tier II stormwater treatment systems under severe vertical constraints and discharge to a tidal water body for the site which required on the order of two million cubic yards of imported fill material.

A golf course on an adjacent landfill was also planned. At 150 feet to it’s summit, the 1-E landfill’s footprint covered approximately 10 times that of the Great Pyramid at Giza. With stunning unobstructed views of New York City, the peak of this landfill was an obvious location for a golf clubhouse. To overcome the technical difficulty of installing a foundation in a recently active landfill, Mr. Schaffer proposed the construction of an artificial lake and barge system for the proposed clubhouse.