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Landfill Cap and Golf Course, New Jersey
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Landfill Cap, Kingsland Landfill

EnCap Golf’s mission was to assume the ownership of a major orphaned landfill in Northern New Jersey, remediate it to NJDEP landfill closure standards, and construct a beneficial re-use for the reclaimed site. The Kingsland landfill, pictured here with a municipal salt barn in the foreground, was recently completed with a gas collection system and rock armored drainage channels.

The North Arlington 1-E landfill was approximately 400 acres at its base and ranged from sea level to elevation 160 feet at the upper plateau.  While with a previous firm, Mr. Schaffer evaluated existing stormwater management and design, proposed storm water management and erosion control measures, grading, cover systems, and landfill gas systems for the final closure of this major landfill in Northern New Jersey and its reclamation as a master’s level golf course.  Key features of the project included providing access to the plateau, stormwater management lakes, a clubhouse, access roads, and integrating a benched drainage conveyance system with a course layout that wound around the existing 4H:1V side slopes.