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Gardens Lake Restoration Project, Mamaroneck, NY
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Photo Credit: Robert Schilare PhotographyMr. Schaffer’s previous firm was retained by the Westchester County Department of Public Works to provide engineering consulting and design services for a dredging and wetlands restoration project at Gardens Lake in Mamaroneck, New York. The surface area of the lake is approximately 4 acres and had original lake depths of 6 to 10 feet.  Over time, the lake has filled in significantly and now has depths of less than 2 feet in some area. As project engineer, Mr. Schaffer proposed dredging and dewatering operations, evaluated existing stormwater infrastructure, and examined potential impoundment failure issues.

The proposed restoration design featured a streambank installation utilizing processed dredge spoils. The installation proposed a slurry admixture and geotubes for dewatering.