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Gowanus Lowline Competition
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With a project team of architects, landscape designers, and infrastructure planners, Joe Schaffer participated in the recent Gowanus Lowline competition in New York. The Gowanus Canal, in Brooklyn New York, is an artificial waterway following the path of a former natural stream. The development of NYC’s sewer system in the late 19th century resulted in the Canal serving as a final drain for a 1600 acre “sewershed”.   The proposed design included constructed wetlands and forebays for treatment of CSOs before ultimate discharge into the canal. The theoretical basis of CSO treatment train design provided a hydraulic residence time (HRT) sufficient to remove larger solids from suspension.  The operation of the proposed structures would provide wetlands plantings to limit the re-suspension of solids during larger events.

Gowanus Lowline Layout (12 MB)