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New side entrance for N-YHS on West 77th Street

New side entrance for N-YHS on West 77th Street

While with a previous firm, Mr. Schaffer oversaw submittal preparation for NYCT review and approval, and worked with that agency to secure a letter of “no impact”. To facilitate the New-York Historical Society’s (N-YHS) existing museum building entrance and stairway renovations along Central Park West, in Upper Manhattan, his firm was contracted to obtain NYCDEP fire hydrant and NYCT bus stop relocation permits. Due to the proposed expansion of the entrance area, the relocation of an existing fire hydrant and NYCT bus-stop sign was necessary.  Due to the proximity of the proposed utility and sidewalk work to the NYCT subway, plans and profiles were prepared showing the proposed utility work with the expected impacts to the NYCT subway.

As expected, the existing museum building presented a formidable barrier between the proposed construction activity and the existing NYCT subway facility, and only a brief meeting was necessary to secure a letter of “no impact” from that agency.

The alignment of the water line and hydrant was complicated by a street tree located along the preferred path.