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Senior Community, North Street, White Plains, NY
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Senior CommunityTo remain competitive, the owner of the North Street Senior Community needed to expand its existing facility and renovate existing buildings and site infrastructure.  Building on the completed EIS, Mr. Schaffer prepared a SWPPP and developed a stormwater routing analysis based on the master plan while with a previous firm.  The proposed building program would add an additional hospice care building and two parking garages to the site.  Underground detention chambers were proposed as part of the stormwater management system and were designed to attenuate the post-development peak flowrates to pre-development rates.  In addition, a minimum detention time of 24 hours was provided to treat the stormwater runoff for 80% TSS removal as per the New York State Stormwater Manual.

The proposed site work and stormwater management system was designed to be constructed with the phases of work desired by the client, with each phase designed to meet or exceed the stringent treatment guidelines for new development.  Typical for an operating senior community, constructability and operational issues were key to providing seamless services to existing health care buildings.