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Park(ing) Day Metuchen 2013
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Early morning at Park(ing) Day Metuchen

Early morning at Park(ing) Day Metuchen

For Parking Day 2013, JFS Engineering, PC provided partial sponsorship for Metuchen’s Second annual Park(ing) Day installation on Main Street. Working with Bike-Walk Metuchen, we provided funding for some of the items in the installation. This installation was developed organically mostly with found and borrowed furnishings. The resulting installation resembled a backyard gathering common to the residential areas just outside the CBD.

All too often we look at streetscapes, whether designed or organic, and wonder what happened. Was this a tragedy of the commons, construction miscommunication, or the system’s collective sloth? It’s odd that something so iconic and pervasive can be marginalized and butchered. Park(ing) Day looks to bring awareness to the priorities of the streetscape. Specifically, on-street parking is a small part of the entire street ecosystem. If highways are the arteries of our society, then sidewalks are the capillaries.

Sidewalks and on-street parking are more than just a break bulk between car, foot, and Main Street store. Sidewalks are a gathering place and a transportation route. The streetscape as a whole is a complex ecosystem. Properly designed and maintained, it becomes not just a thing but a place with it’s own subset culture, economy, and customs.

Beyond just designing streetscapes, we enjoy conversations about how streetscapes work as a functional installation. We had fun on Friday talking with folks about how sidewalks are designed, built, and repaired. For news coverage about the event, please see this article and video in the Edison Sentinel.