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Seasons Greetings 2013
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Photo courtesy of Robert Schilare Photography

Photo courtesy of Robert Schilare Photography

Seasons greetings from JFS Engineering, PC. I’d like to thank our friends, clients, and allied professionals for another year of growth. We have seen a dramatic increase in our workload both personally and across the industry and look forward to this trend continuing.

We wish we could tell you what 2014 will bring, but the truth is nobody can. Our credo has always been: “Thinking inside the box doesn’t solve problems. Look out at all the stars in the sky and draw the box where it needs to be.” This year, rather than waste time trying to prognosticate about what may or may not happen in the coming year, we’d like to outline some certainties with minimal fluff and fanfare.

The days will get longer, we promise. Our photo this month celebrates the Spring to come, not the year that was.

In late January, we’ll be speaking with our good friend and collaborator Ben Walmer of BROADLOOM at the NOFA Winter Conference. Ben and I will be talking about land use permitting implications for farmers adding commerce and agri-tourism to their operations.

By February we expect we’ll start sending out more targeted marketing to our core clientele. Just like any other business, ours is one of relationship. We approach what we do as a supportive role, making things better by applying science to solve problems. If we promised you an outline of services recently, it’s forthcoming.

In March, our friends at the ReBuilding Green Network will be having their second meeting at the Manor in West Orange. This is an interesting group that cuts across the grain to cover both sustainable building and living.

In the Spring/Summer, we’ll have our first public library project breaking ground in Southern New Jersey. If built according to plan, this interesting little project will feature edible or fruiting plantings, except for the lawn naturally. All plantings require maintenance, the advantage of a fruiting plant or tree is that the fruit can then be processed into fundraiser products for the library trust.

Across 2014, we anticipate more clients to come online with their projects. In addition to working with developers here in Metuchen, we have been helping out businesses and land owners with improvements in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

In September, we anticipate again sponsoring Park(ing) Day in Metuchen. In collaboration with Bike-Walk Metuchen, we provide sponsorship and moral support for Park(ing) Day. You heard it right, a civil engineer supporting less, not more, parking lot construction. We see Park(ing) Day as a catalyst for a larger problem in our society that can only be solved through better urban design. We’d rather be part of the solution rather than make money prolonging a problem.

Finally, in December, you’ll likely get another annual newsletter from us.

I’ll send out announcements and updates about these and other events in due time. Finally, this year we started accepting credit cards for payments and migrated our bookkeeping to better software. This is a droll factoid, but we’ve already seen benefits for our clients with this new system.

We look forward to sharing 2014 with you. Seasons Greetings – Joseph F. Schaffer, PE, PP, LEED-AP