JFS Engineering
Land Development and Water Resources Engineering
Land Development Engineering

Land Development Engineering is the design and specification of earthwork and structures for building sites and public spaces.

A sampling of our Land Development Engineering Services:

  • Due Diligence Services
    • Zoning Analysis
    • Permitting Analysis
    • Build-Out Analysis
    • Cost opinions for Budgets
  • Regenerative Site Design
  • Hydrology and Soils
    • Urban Fabric
    • Rainwater Harvesting and Water Recycling Systems Design and Permitting
    • Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment
  • Site Design Services
    • Site Layout and Materials
    • Site Grading and Drainage
    • Site Utilities and Services
    • Freight Traffic and Circulation Plans
  • On-Site Services
    • Bid Sheets, Analysis, and Recommendations
    • Construction Follow-on
    • Topography on a Boundary Survey for corrective drainage design
    • Building Interior drawings for facility fit-up
  • Cost Opinions and Analysis
    • Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Costs for Site Work
    • Building construction Costs
    • Net Profit from Development
    • Cost Benefit for Infrastructure Retrofits