JFS Engineering
Land Development and Water Resources Engineering
Permitting Services

Between federal, state, county, regional, and local land use laws, JFS Engineering’s service area is one of the most heavily regulated in the United States. We specialize in identifying regulated activities as a part of the due diligence process and advising our clients with regards to the “cost” of permitting, either in time or design requirements.

We have experience working with multiple agencies and varieties of permits, including:

  • New York SWPPP
  • New Jersey DEP
  • New Jersey Highlands Council
  • Soil Conservation Districts
  • Municipal Planning and Zoning Boards
  • Zoning Plans and Permitting for Ground Mount Solar Arrays
  • New York City DOB and DEP
    • Builders Pavement Plan/Tree Pit
    • Site Connection Permits
    • Traffic Safety Plan
    • DOB Special Systems (OTCR and CCD)
    • DEP SPPP (Watershed Area Developments)