JFS Engineering
Land Development and Water Resources Engineering
Water Resources Engineering

JFS Engineering approaches water resources engineering by assessing a site’s niche within the overall water cycle. We develop a clear picture of the overall load on existing infrastructure and impact on the water cycle.

The needs of the land and the proposed development program will suggest various activities. Design solutions include stream restoration, wetlands and floodplain restoration, wellfield recharge infiltration, and water harvesting for non-potable uses.

Water Resource Engineering Services we provide cover the following areas.

  • We design:
    • Stormwater Management Systems,
    • Rainwater Harvesting Systems,
    • Gray water Systems, and
    • Septic / Blackwater Systems.
  • We evaluate:
    • Wetlands and Natural Resources,
    • Industrial water demand,
    • Water Balance calculations, and
    • Cost/Benefit Analysis of Water Harvesting.

JFS Engineering provides full permitting support for these systems.